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Tandem jump in a nutshell

The process of tandem jump

Register for a skydiving with us! You will jump from a MI-8T type helicopter at Siófok-Kiliti Airport! You are very welcome on any day of the week! We can jump from Monday to Sunday, whenever it suits you!

Any weekends  at Siófok-Kiliti Airport!


Tandem jump in a nutshell

  • you will participate in a theoretical and practical preparatory session about 30 minutes before the jump

  • it takes about 12-15 minutes to ascend to an altitude of 4000 metres

  • you will jump together and connected to the tandem pilot at the jump altitude

  • You will reach the staggering 180-220 km/h maximum speed after 45-50 seconds of free fall

  • Parachute opening is carried out at 1500 metres, followed by a 5-6 minutes long descending phase.

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Here you can read about the way how the tandem jump is executed in detail.

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Flying is an eternal human desire. We can make your dream of flying come true. You will have an adrenalin rush and enjoy a miraculous and fantastic sport. Uniquely in Europe we provide our service with a MI-8T type medium sized troop transport helicopter and experienced tandem parachutists at our own airport at SIÓFOK-KILITI.

You do not need parachuting knowledge to tandem jump!

We provide the knowledge. We have experienced professional tandem pilots in our staff. We prepare you for jumping after you arrive and register at our airport at a time agreed in advance. We inform you about the easily understandable rules and safety regulations. We provide special skydiving suits for you in your size. Afterwards we board the aircraft and start to increase our adrenalin level. In the air you are in good hands. Our pilots have done the manoeuvres they perform many times in their professional life.

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Jumping altitude 4000 meters above ground!

It takes about 12-15 minutes to reach this altitude. Meanwhile you may take stock of your life when feeling the adrenalin rush, get enthralled by the infinite sky, and then you may ask yourself when standing in the door of the helicopter: ‘Oh my God what am I doing here?’

Then the next step is JUMP!!

And then comes 45-50 seconds of free fall in the state of weightlessness, diving at a speed of 180-220 km/h towards the ground. The parachute is opened at an altitude of 1500 metres by the tandem pilot. Afterwards you slow down and can look around and be enthralled by the scenery, Lake Balaton, Siófok but you may also scream if you feel like to reduce stress…. At this stage of the jump you successfully passed more than half of the Trial of Courage. Under good weather conditions you can even see the Danube and the mountain ranges of Mecsek and Alpok.

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Of course you can have some pictures of this experience. We take photos, record videos or do both of the jump, as requested. You are sure to be the main protagonist in these. After landing softly just like in a bed, you will get the DVD or we can post it later to your address if you want.

Who do we recommend tandem skydiving for?

The minimum age is 13 years. From this age up anyone can try skydiving as long as he/she likes challenges, extreme adventures and sports. A flight experience is a fantastic gift, too. It is a great surprise for a birthday, hen night, bachelor party or wedding anniversary, etc. You can test your own, your relatives’, friends’ and acquaintances‘ fearlessness. Before and after skydiving feel free to spend some time watching fellow tandem or solo skydivers taking off, landing, etc. The airport has got a café, too, so you will not starve or be parched. As an additional program, we recommend an air sightseeing tour with our Cessna 206T type airplane over Siófok and/or its surroundings.


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Come and try tandem skydiving!

We wish you a pleasant and fun time at our airport!

See you soon at Siófok-Kiliti Airport!

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