mert ugrani jó!

Why jump out of a perfectly good helicopter?

If you choose a Mi-8 type helicopter for your tandem jump:

Nem ugratunk! Ugrassz! Mármint tandemet, helikopterből :-)

  • During the elevation you can look out the window, sit in a comfy seat while locked with a seatbelt
  • You dont have to sit on the floor facing backwards while you reach the jumping height
  • Before the jump your tandem master can adjust your harnesses standing up, what is the safest way to do
  • After one easy step you can enjoy the freefall with the fantastic view of Lake Balaton in the background
  • Thanks to the big spaces you can share the experience with your friends while jumping together
  • Even more, your other friends, can come with you can jump from the same load aswell, because the helicopter can take 29 people at the same time.

..If you want to go to the biggest adventure of your life, if you want to experience, how only gravity exists between heaven and earth, then come and jump with us!

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Because  UGRANI JÓ stands for jumping is fun!

All across Europe and wordwide it is commonly accepted to use small aircrafts for tandem skydiving. This is no coincidence. For a small aircraft tandem jump run you only need a pilot, a tandem master and maybe a cameraflyer, so you can organise a jump easily even on a weekday or for if just one person wants to jump.

In return the small aircraft jumps have a drawback. Wether you want to jump together or someone wants to acompany you during the flight it is not possible in the crammed back of a small plane.Whithin our helicopters spacious interior it is not a problem to share the lifelong experience of a jump with a couple of friends.

In the home ofugranijo kicsi 3the Siófok-Kiliti airport operates the skbk2jump zone, that we can honestly say is known wordwide in the skydiver community.

Besides the surrounding countries we have been found from Norway, Finland, the UK, from outside of Europe the USA, Argentina, Australia and Malaysia so they could try the word famous skydiving from a MI-8 helicopter. Even you could go to Abu-Dhabi or New Zealand to jump buty why would you do so if you would only find the same small plane as any other place in the word?

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 In Siófok the two MI-8T type helicopter, each suited for 29 passenger, can provide safety and a unique experience for the tandem jumpers, skydivers and their attendants. Every jump is from 4000 meters (around 13100ft) and because the elevation for the helicopter takes only a couple of minutes you should take your time and enjoy the marvelous view.