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Definately. Because it causes addiction. Not other known dangers thou.

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What should I bring along?

  • Yourself and your curiosity
  • Your voucher, if you paid in advance
  • Sneakers if you dont come in them.

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When will my turn come?

Because we jump from a big helicopter, you wont be alone in the aircraft. Groups of 25-30 people take off every time, in these groups there will be experienced skydivers, tranies, teachers, attendants and of course you, tandem jumpers.

After the arrivabe decided how long it will take till you get your jumping equipments, and you will be instructed what to do during the jump (dont worry, it won't be complicated).

During the wait time you can eat something from the buffet or wach the others land.

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Can I jump in glasses or contact lenses?

Yes. We have jump goggles which you can wear above your glasses so you can see clearly.

Wearing contact lenses are not a problem either, a lot of skydivers have them too.

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Age restriction?

If you are at least 140cm high then with a parents permission you can jump even if you are under 18 years old.

There are no upper age limit. If you feel like it, then you can even jump at the age of 120.

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What clothes should I wear?

Bring a comfy sneaker with you at all events. The jumpsuit for the jump will be provided by us, under that a short and a T-shirt, if you are cold get a jumper too.

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Weight limit?

100 kg is the upper weight limit, maybe 105 kg if you are really well built. 

If you are above 90 kg, then it's really important that you are fit enough to lift your legs up to a horisontal state. This is important for the landing phase, so your tandemmaster won't have to lift your whole weight and you won't trip over your legs. Look at our videos to understand what I mean :-)

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Health conditions

There are diseases, for example epilepsy, cardiovascular system diseases, osteoporosis, which not allows you to jump.

We dont need any medical examination, but the applicant must declare honestly and responsibly about his/her health status.

If you have a cold when your jump is planned, we offer to request for another time to jump. We wont get angry, because in this case your ear could have some problems with pressure. If you have just a little cold, and you want to jump in this time, we offer absolutely to use nose drops or spray before the jump, to make sure that your nose is clean.


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Paying methods

  • If you want to secure your place you need to buy a tandemjump voucher in advance. After filling the application form you pay by card online
    When you payed, or transfered, we will send to you the bill, and the printable coupon, what you need to bring with yourself to jump.
  • If you choose full priced jump, and you dont need any coupon, then you can pay in the field:
    • In case of ready money we can accept HUF or Euro.
    • By credit card we can receive HUF and Euro too, the accepted cards are the following:
      • MasterCard
      • Maestro
      • VISA
      • VISA Electron
      • Vpay
      • American Express
      • JCB
      • Union Pay
      • OTP emblémával ellátott bankkártyák
  • You will receive in every case receipt, or if you need, you can get bill. We do not work illegal, and we do not have illegal employers. This is the reason for the price of the jump.

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When can you jump?

In the skydiver season you can jump from April till even October depending on the weather. On average in 4000 meters high there is 26 digrees colder, than in the ground. Calculate to this the speed of the freefall, which is 180 km/h, and then you will know why we do not allow you to jump in winter.

Usually we can jump on weekends.

If you want to jump in weekday, we need to have enough guests for a take-off. But we offer to plan your jump for a weekend, because the helicopter can deliver in one take-off 25-30 person, and in a day we need to organize at least 3 take-off, because of the crew who can serve the guests.

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When SHOULDN'T we jump?

When the weather do not allow it.

We dont jump: 

  • In case of rain
  • In case of fog
  • In case of strong wind
  • In case of covered clouds
  • In case of storm danger

For weather predictions we use also the pages on the internet, where you should also look around

When it looks for sure that the weather wont allow us to jump, then we will delay the jumps, and we send a message to your e-mail address, because we wont make for you a needless travel. Sometimes the weather goes wrong just for hours, or just unexpectedly goes to unfit, in this case sadly we can not do nothing, just wait for the better weather.

For us the most important thing is to take care for the guests and for the crew. Better if we do not take any risk.

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Can come with you attendants in the helicopter?

For sure, they can register in the field. The helicopter is big, and we have enough place.

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Can we jump in the same time?

Most of the cases it can be solved, if you are not too much. In one take off we have 3-7 tandems, sometimes we have chance for more, but we can not promise this.

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Is it enough if we buy just one camera record when we jump?

One operator can record everything on the ground, and inside the helicopter too. But after tandems jump out, they have distance between together, what makes impossible to have one operator for more jumps. So if you are more, it is a better solution for everybody to ask for an own operator.

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Eating - drinking before jump

If possible eat something before you jump! You can eat also in the dropzone, we have a nice grillbar, and you can eat something, if you forgot it at home. If you are hungry you have much bigger chance to your blood sugar will be dropped down, and it is not so comfortable. A tandemjump is not like a roller-coaster, you dont have to be affraid of stomach problems.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages 8 hours before the jump.

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From how many meters will we jump?

All the jumps are made from 4000 meters high, or a little bit more. In the case of little plane, you dont have chance to jump from this height, but we couldnt jump from lower height.

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Can I take an own camera for the jump?

Unfortunately not. Our rules do not allow that the passenger bring with him or herself anything during the freefall. In the ground of course you can use everything you want, or if you have an attendant, he/she can use in the helicopter any photo or video camera.

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